CGIII Assignment I


Use Corona to render scene in 3DSMAX

First step:

Put models into 3DSMAX, the architecture and other items are downloaded from
Two camera, three light sources here.


Some interesting material here.

  1. clock
    metal- chrome,glass thin clear and texture map
    arrow- copper satin fingerprints
    depth of field: how narrow or wide the DOF is set by F-stop. default is 16.
    Without DOF

    With DOF, set F-stop to 7.
  2. wine
    glass clear and red wine

  3. door and mirror
    glass forsted and glass mirror

  4. interesting painting
    see follow picutres!

  5. bed linen
    linen - Fabrics Carpet Soft Rug Light Olive Pattern
    pillow - Fabric cotton
    see follow picutres!

Also use wood as floor, Concrete wall bell as wall, texture map “wood” to desk and chair, PVC board as drawer,interesting painting etc.

Light sources:

There are two lights in the scene, Corona sun and lightmtl.
Put Corona Sun out of the house, change its position(height) to simulate and noon.

Some experiement in light source:

Use Corona map

sunset, increase intensity to 10

USe HDR image as environment map,really dark…

The light in the lamp use material lightmtl.

Render element

We will use the noon image to see the clear render element




Tone mapping

Set white balance to 6000, we will get warm tone.
Set highlight compress to avoid over exposure.


What makes rendering slow

Reflection material - if the reflection is strong, the speed will low
Light intensity, amount of light
Render setting: Depths of ray